Editorial Board

Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Executive Editor
Jagat Narula, MD, PhD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Deputy Editor
Jonathan L. Halperin, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure

ACC Division Vice President, Publishing
Kimberly Murphy, Washington, DC

Editorial Director
Justine Varieur Turco, Washington, DC

Guest Editors
Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, Boston, MA | Disclosure
P.K. Shah, MD, Los Angeles, CA | No Disclosure

International Advisors
Jane Armitage, FRCP, FFPH, Oxford, United Kingdom
Edimar A. Bocchi, MD, São Paulo, Brazil
Antonio Colombo, MD, Milan, Italy
Erling Falk, MD, PhD, DMSc, Aarhus, Denmark
Gerd Heusch, MD, PhD, Essen, Germany
Junbo Ge, MD, Shanghai, China
José C. Nicolau, MD, PhD, São Paulo, Brazil
Han Ya-Ling, MD, PhD, Shenyang, China

Associate Editors
P.W. Armstrong, MD, Edmonton, Canada | Disclosure
David H. Adams, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Blase Carabello, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Y. Chandrashekhar, MD, Minneapolis, MN | Disclosure
George Dangas, MD, PhD, New York, NY | Disclosure​
G. William Dec, Jr., MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
Srinivas Dukkipati, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Michael E. Farkouh, MD, MSc, Toronto, Canada | Disclosure
Bruce Gelb, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Roger Hajjar, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Mark Hlatky, MD, Stanford, CA | Disclosure
Borja Ibáñez, MD, PhD, Madrid, Spain | Disclosure
James L. Januzzi, Jr., MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
Spencer B. King, III, MD, Atlanta, GA
  (Editor-in-Chief, JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions) | Disclosure
Douglas L. Mann, MD, St. Louis, MO
  (Editor-in-Chief, JACC: Basic to Translational Science) | ​Disclosure
Thomas H. Marwick, MBBS, PhD, MPH, Hobart, Australia | Disclosure
Sanjiv N. Narayan, MD, Stanford, CA | Disclosure
Christopher Newton-Cheh, MD, MPH, Boston, MA | Disclosure
Christopher M. O’Connor, MD, Fairfax, VA
  (Editor-in-Chief, JACC: Heart Failure) | Disclosure
Jeffrey W. Olin, DO, New York, NY | Disclosure
Jeanne Poole, MD, Seattle, WA | Disclosure
Sunil V. Rao, MD, Durham, NC | Disclosure
Josep Rodés-Cabau, MD, Québec City, Canada | Disclosure
Javier Sanz-Salvo, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
David J. Wilber, MD, Chicago, IL
  (Editor-in-Chief, JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology) | ​Disclosure

Statistical Editors
Paul L. Clopton, MS, San Diego, CA | No Disclosure
Jan G.P. Tijssen, PhD, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | No Disclosure

Section Editors
Basic Translational Research
L. Badimon, MD, Barcelona, Spain | Disclosure
J.F. Bentzon, MD, PhD, Aarhus, Denmark | No Disclosure
J.C. Kovacic, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
P. Libby, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
C.A. MacRae, MBChB, PhD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
S. Marx, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Clinical Cardiology
E.R. Bates, MD, Ann Arbor, MI | Disclosure
W.E. Boden, MD, Albany, NY | Disclosure
R.P. Choudhury, DM, Oxford, UK | No Disclosure
R. De Caterina, MD, Chieti, Italy | Disclosure
P. Golino, MD, Naples, Italy | Disclosure
P.T. O’Gara, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
P.J. Podrid, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
M. Simoons, MD, Rotterdam, the Netherlands | Disclosure
C.I. Stefanadis, MD, Athens, Greece | Disclosure
P. Vaishnava, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
W. Wijns, MD, Aalst, Belgium | No Disclosure

Clinical Trials and Registries
J.H. Alexander, MD, Durham, NC | No Disclosure
P. Boffetta, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
R.M. Califf, MD, Washington, DC | Disclosure
T. Collier, BSc, MSc, London, UK | No Disclosure
M.J. Domanski, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
A.C. Gelijns, JD, PhD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
J.S. Hochman, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
M. Kosiborod, MD, Kansas City, KS | Disclosure
R. Mehran, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
M. Miller, MD, Baltimore, MD | No Disclosure
S.J. Pocock, PhD, London, UK | Disclosure
G.G. Schwartz, MD, Denver, CO | Disclosure
L. Shaw, MD, Atlanta, GA | Disclosure

Congenital Heart Disease
T. Geva, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
D.T. Hsu, MD, Bronx, NY | No Disclosure
J. Kreutzer, MD, Pittsburgh, PA | No Disclosure
M.J. Landzberg, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
C.E. Ruiz, MD, PhD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Coronary, Peripheral, and Structural Interventions
D. Antoniucci, MD, Florence, Italy | Disclosure
R.J. Applegate, MD, Winston-Salem, NC | Disclosure
M.E. Bertrand, MD, Lambersart, France | Disclosure
J.A. Bittl, MD, Ocala, FL | No Disclosure
H. Dauerman, MD, Burlington, VT | Disclosure
S.G. Ellis, MD, Cleveland, OH | Disclosure
T.D. Henry, MD, Los Angeles, CA | No Disclosure
D.R. Holmes, Jr., MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
M. Leon, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
A. Lerman, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
L. Mauri, MD, Boston, MA | No Disclosure
P. Moreno, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
E.C. Perin, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure
M. Price, MD, La Jolla, CA | Disclosure
S. Sharma, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
G.W. Stone, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
E.M. Tuzcu, MD, Abu Dhabi, UAE | Disclosure
J.G. Webb, MD, Vancouver, Canada | Disclosure

Genetics, Omics, and Tissue Regeneration
E. Arbustini, MD, Pavia, Italy | Disclosure
P.M. Elliott, MD, London, UK | Disclosure
G.S. Ginsburg, MD, PhD, Durham, NC | Disclosure
B.J. Maron, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
E. Olson, MD, PhD, Dallas, TX | No Disclosure
S.G. Priori, MD, Milan, Italy | Disclosure
R. Roberts, MD, Ottawa, Canada | Disclosure
P.J. Schwartz, MD, Milan, Italy | Disclosure
A.M. Zeiher, MD, Frankfurt, Germany | Disclosure

Global Health
Roberto Kalil-Filho, MD, São Paulo, Brazil | No Disclosure
Masafumi Kitakaze, MD, PhD, Suita, Japan | Disclosure
Pravin Manga, MBChB, PhD, Johannesburg, South Africa | No Disclosure
Seung-Jung Park, MD, PhD, Seoul, Korea | Disclosure
D.J. Piñeiro, MD, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Disclosure
K.S. Reddy, MD, DM, Delhi, India | No Disclosure
S. Yusuf, MD, DPhil, Hamilton, Canada | Disclosure
W.A. Zoghbi, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure

Guidelines and Clinical Perspectives
K. Eagle, MD, Ann Arbor, MI | Disclosure
S. Smith, MD, Chapel Hill, NC | No Disclosure

Heart Failure
A. Anyanwu, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
B. Bozkurt, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure
J. Butler, MD, MPH, Stony Brook, NY | No Disclosure
J.G.F. Cleland, MD, Kingston, UK | Disclosure
G. Fonarow, MD, Los Angeles, CA | Disclosure
M. Givertz, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
S.S. Kushwaha, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
D. Mancini, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
S. Pinney, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
T.J. Wang, MD, Atlanta, GA | No Disclosure
C. Yancy, MD, MSc, Chicago, IL | Disclosure

D.K. Arnett, PhD, Birmingham, AL | Disclosure
M. Lobo, PhD, London, UK | No Disclosure
F. Messerli, MD, Bern, Switzerland | Disclosure
R.A. Phillips, MD, PhD, Houston, TX | No Disclosure
C. Rosendorff, MD, PhD, DScMed, New York, NY | Disclosure
S.C. Textor, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure

G. Aurigemma, MD, Worcester, MA | No Disclosure
V. Dilsizian, MD, Baltimore, MD | Disclosure
Z.A. Fayad, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
C.M. Kramer, MD, Charlottesville, VA | Disclosure
J.A.C. Lima, MD, Baltimore, MD | Disclosure
G.S. Mintz, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
M. Nahrendorf, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
S.J. Nicholls, MBBS, PhD, Adelaide, Australia | Disclosure
P. Pibarot, DVM, PhD, Québec City, Canada | Disclosure
P.P. Sengupta, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
J.D. Thomas, MD, Chicago, IL | Disclosure

Metabolic Disorders
D.J. Rader, MD, Philadelphia, PA | Disclosure
R.S. Rosenson, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Neurovascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases
P. Amarenco, MD, Paris, France | No Disclosure
S. Gandy, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
G.J. Hankey, MBBS, Perth, Australia | Disclosure

Outcomes Research and Quality
D.J. Cohen, MD, MSc, Kansas City, MO | Disclosure
J.P. Curtis, MD, New Haven, CT | Disclosure
B.J. Darrow, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
D.J. Malenka, MD, Lebanon, NH | Disclosure
M. Reynolds, MD, Burlington, MA | Disclosure

J.J. Badimon, PhD, New York, NY | Disclosure
C.B. Granger, MD, Durham, NC | Disclosure
C. Patrono, MD, Rome, Italy | No Disclosure
F.W.A. Verheugt, MD, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Disclosure

Pulmonary Hypertension
S.Z. Goldhaber, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
M. Gomberg-Maitland, MD, MSc, Chicago, IL | Disclosure
M. Hoeper, MD, Hannover, Germany | Disclosure
S.V. Konstantinides, MD, Alexandroupolis, Greece | Disclosure
V.V. McLaughlin, MD, Ann Arbor, MI | Disclosure
M.J. Semigran, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure

Rhythm Disorders
S. Chugh, MD, Los Angeles, CA | Disclosure
M.R. Gold, MD, Charleston, SC | Disclosure
J. Jalife, MD, Ann Arbor, MI | No Disclosure
H. Kottkamp, MD, Zurich, Switzerland | Disclosure
B.D. Lindsay, MD, Cleveland, OH | No Disclosure
F. Marchlinski, MD, Philadelphia, PA | No Disclosure
A.J. Moss, MD, Rochester, NY | No Disclosure

S.F. Aranki, MD, Boston, MA | No Disclosure
R.J. Damiano, MD, St. Louis, MO | Disclosure
J.D. Puskas, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
H.V. Schaff, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
L.G. Svensson, MD, PhD, Cleveland, OH | Disclosure
J. Woo, MD, Stanford, CA | No Disclosure
M.H. Yacoub, MBChB, London, UK | Disclosure

Valvular Heart Disease
F. Bakaeen, MD, Cleveland, OH | Disclosure
S.F. Bolling, MD, Ann Arbor, MI | Disclosure
R.O. Bonow, MD, Chicago, IL | Disclosure
J.S. Borer, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
J. Chikwe, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
M. Enriquez-Sarano, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
H.C. Herrmann, MD, Philadelphia, PA | No Disclosure
B.R. Lindman, MD, St. Louis, MO | Disclosure
S.H. Rahimtoola, MD, Los Angeles, CA | Disclosure

Vascular Medicine
I. Baumgartner, MD, Bern, Switzerland | Disclosure
J.A. Beckman, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
J.P. Cooke, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure
W.R. Hiatt, MD, Aurora, CO | Disclosure
J.R. Laird, MD, Davis, CA | No Disclosure
G.L. Moneta, MD, Portland, Oregon | Disclosure
J.I. Weitz, MD, Hamilton, Canada | Disclosure

R.R. Baliga, MD, Columbus, OH | Disclosure

Social Media
A.M. Freeman, MD, Denver, CO | Disclosure
A. Narang, MD, Chicago, IL | Disclosure

Michael W. Cullen, MD, Rochester, MN
Garima Sharma, MD, Baltimore, MD
Shashank S. Sinha, MD, MSc, Ann Arbor, MI

Assistant Editors
Usman Baber, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Sameer Bansilal, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Ana Barac, MD, PhD, Washington, DC | Disclosure
Farooq Chaudhry, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Radha Gopalan, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Daniella Kadian-Dodov, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
MaryAnn McLaughlin, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Marc Miller, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Allan S. Stewart, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Joseph Sweeny, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
Rajesh Vedanthan, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure
David Vorchheimer, MD, New York, NY | Disclosure

Editorial Staff
Eileen Cavanagh, Managing Editor
Marie Dauenheimer, Medical Illustrator
Kortney Frederick, Editorial Assistant
Lucy Reading-Ikkanda, Medical Illustrator
Alfred Kemp, Editorial Assistant
Lauren Swan, Editorial Assistant
Alanur Inal-Veith, Editorial Assistant
Kimberly Young, Web Editor

Senior Advisory Editors
Eugene Braunwald, MD, Boston, MA | Disclosure
Anthony N. DeMaria, MD, San Diego, CA | Disclosure
Robert Frye, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
James Willerson, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure

Emeritus Editors
Simon Dack, MD 1983-1992
William W. Parmley, MD 1992-2002
Anthony N. DeMaria, MD 2002-2014

Ethics Committee
Holly Atkinson, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Lawrence S. Cohen, MD, New Haven, CT | No Disclosure
Kim Fox, MD, London, UK | No Disclosure
Robert Frye, MD, Rochester, MN | Disclosure
Philip J. Landrigan, MD, New York, NY | No Disclosure
Richard L. Popp, MD, Palo Alto, CA | Disclosure
Eric Prystowsky, MD, Indianapolis, IN | Disclosure
James Willerson, MD, Houston, TX | Disclosure

J. Abe, MD, PhD, Rochester, NY
A.S. Adabag, Minneapolis, MN
E. Adler, MD, San Diego, CA
G. Agnelli, MD, Perugia, Italy
C. Alexander, MD, West Point, PA
D. Alexopoulos, MD, Patras, Greece
M. Al-Mallah, MD, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M.A. Alpert, MD, Columbia, MO
H.V. Anderson, MD, Houston, TX
J. Anderson, MD, Murray, UT
K.P. Anderson, MD, Marshfield, WI
D. Angiolillo, MD, PhD, Jacksonville, FL
C. Antzelevitch, PhD, Utica, NY
A.E. Arai, MD, Bethesda, MD
R.R. Arora, MD, Chicago, IL
A. Avezum, MD, PhD, São Paulo, Brazil
A. Avogaro, MD, PhD, Padova, Italy
D.S. Bach, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
C. Backer, MD, Chicago, IL
V.K. Bahl, MD, New Delhi, India
S. Bangalore, MD, New York, NY
P.J. Barton, PhD, London, UK
J. Bartunek, MD, Aalst, Belgium
A. Bayés-Genís, MD, PhD, Barcelona, Spain
R.C. Becker, MD, Cincinnati, OH
B. Belhassen, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel
G.A. Beller, MD, Charlottesville, VA
L.M. Biasucci, MD, Rome, Italy
V.A. Bittner, MD, MSPH, Birmingham, AL
E.H. Blackstone, MD, Cleveland, OH
B.C. Blaxall, MD, Cincinnati, OH
D.A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, Baltimore, MD
S.S. Brar, MD, MPH, Los Angeles, CA
M. Brignole, MD, Genoa, Italy
C. Briguori, MD, PhD, Naples, Italy
B.C. Brott, MD, Birmingham, AL
A.V.G. Bruschke, MD, Leiden, the Netherlands
M.J. Budoff, MD, Torrance, CA
H. Calkins, MD, Baltimore, MD
U. Campia, MD, Washington, DC
J.M. Castellano, MD, Madrid, Spain
D.S. Celermajer, MD, Sydney, Australia
A.C.P. Chagas, MD, PhD, São Paulo, Brazil
B.A. Chaitman, MD, St. Louis, MO
S.A. Chen, MD, Taipei, Taiwan
J. Chesebro, MD, Worcester, MA
B.W. Chow, MD, Ottawa, Canada
C.R. Conti, MD, Gainseville, FL
J.B. Conti, MD, Gainseville, FL
F.G. Cosio, MD, Madrid, Spain
M.H. Crawford, MD, San Francisco, CA
A.B. Curtis, MD, Buffalo, NY
J.P. Daubert, MD, Durham, NC
C. deFilippi, MD, Baltimore, MD
A. Deswal, MD, MPH, Bellaire, TX
M.F. Di Carli, MD, Boston, MA 
S. Dixit, MBBS, Philadelphia, PA
S.C. Dudley, MD, PhD, Providence, RI
E.E. Edelman, MD, PhD, Cambridge, MA
T.R. Engel, MD, Moorestown, NJ
R. Erbel, MD, Essen, Germany
E. Escobar, MD, Santiago, Chile
N.A.M. Estes III, MD, Boston, MA
M.N. Faddis, MD, PhD, St. Louis, MO
W.F. Fearon, MD, Stanford, CA
R. Ferrari, MD, PhD, Ferrara, Italy
J.L. Fleg, MD, Bethesda, MD
N.G. Frangogiannis, MD, Bronx, NY
E. Gerstenfeld, MD, MS, Philadelphia, PA
L.D. Gillam, MD, New York, NY
T.C. Gillebert, MD, Ghent, Belgium
M. Goldman, MD, New York, NY
J. Goldstein, MD, Royal Oak, MI
M.H. Gollob, MD, Ottawa, Canada
J. Gorcsan, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
K.L. Gould, MD, Houston, TX
P. Gurbel, MD, Baltimore, MD
C. Hamm, MD, Bad Nauheim, Germany
R.A. Harrington, MD, Stanford, CA
E.P. Havranek, MD, Denver, CO
H.S. Hecht, MD, New York, NY
P.A. Heidenreich, MD, Palo Alto, CA
J.P.S. Henriques, MD, PhD, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
B.D. Hoit, MD, Solon, OH
H. Hsia, MD, Stanford, CA
H.V. Huikuri, MD, Oulu, Finland
W.G. Hundley, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
A.E. Iskandrian, MD, Birmingham, AL
M.R. Jaff, Boston, MA
A.S. Jaffe, MD, Rochester, MN
J. Januzzi, MD, Boston, MA
H. Jneid, MD, Houston, TX
J.M. Kalman, MBBS, PhD, Parkville, Australia
S. Kapadia, MD, Cleveland, OH
J.C. Kaski, MD, London, UK
A. Kastrati, MD, Munich, Germany
E.S. Kaufman, MD, Beachwood, OH
S. Kaul, MBBS, Los Angeles, CA
S. Kaul, MD, Portland, OR
D.M. Kaye, MBBS, PhD, Melbourne, Australia
D.J. Kereiakes, MD, Cincinnati, OH
M.J. Kern, MD, Long Beach, CA
M.H. Kim, MD, Providence, RI
R.J. Kim, MD, Durham, NC
N.S. Kleiman, MD, Houston, TX
F.J. Klocke, MD, Chicago, IL
B.P. Knight, MD, Chicago, IL
J.N. Kreutzer, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
A.J. Labovitz, MD, Tampa, FL
C.S.P. Lam, MD, Singapore
G.A. Lamas, MD, Miami Beach, FL
R. Lampert, MD, New Haven, CT
E. Lara-Pezzi, PhD, Madrid, Spain
C.J. Lavie, MD, New Orleans, LA
C. Leclercq, MD, Rennes Cedex, France
R. Lee, MD, PhD, San Francisco, CA
N.E. Lepor, MD, Los Angeles, CA
B.S. Lewis, MD, Haifa, Israel
G.Y.H. Lip, MD, Birmingham, UK
S.E. Litwin, MD, Augusta, GA
F. Lombardi, MD, Milan, Italy
R.V. Luepker, MD, Minneapolis, MN
W.T. Mahle, MD, Atlanta, GA
G.M. Marcus, MD, San Francisco, CA
M.S. Maron, MD, Boston, MA
P.A. McCullough, MD, MPH, Dallas, TX
J.L. Mehta, MD, PhD, Little Rock, AR
B. Meier, MD, Bern, Switzerland
R.M. Mills, MD, Dexter, MI
D. Moliterno, MD, Lexington, KY
D.A. Morrow, MD, MPH, Boston, MA
C. Mueller, MD, Basel, Switzerland
J.B. Muhlestein, MD, Murray, UT
T. Murohara, MD, PhD, Nagoya, Japan
S.F. Nagueh, MD, Houston, TX
T.Z. Naqvi, MD, MMM, Scottsdale, AZ
A. Natale, MD, Austin, TX
S. Nattel, MD, CM, Montreal, Canada
E.M. Ohman, MD, Durham, NC
K.L. Ohmori, MD, Kagawa, Japan
B. Olshansky, MD, Iowa City, IA
H. Oral, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
M.A. Oto, MD, Ankara, Turkey
A. Pankaj, MBBS, Birmingham, AL
N. Piazza, MD, PhD, Montréal, Canada
E. Picano, MD, Pisa, Italy
D.S. Pinto, Boston, MA
B. Pitt, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
M. Pitzalis, MD, Greenville, NC
A. Prasad, MD, San Antonio, TX
R. Pyeritz, MD, Philadelphia, PA
S. Rajagopalan, MBBS, Baltimore, MD
H. Rakowski, MD, Toronto, Canada
M.M. Refaat, MD, MBA, New York, NY
N. Reichek, MD, Roslyn, NY
Z. Reiner, MD, PhD, Zagreb, Croatia
C. Rochitte, MD, MPH, São Paulo, Brazil
L.J. Rubin, MD, La Jolla, CA
M. Sabate, MD, PhD, Barcelona, Spain
M.S. Sabatine, MD, MPH, Boston, MA
H. Samady, MBChB, Atlanta, GA
G. Sardella, MD, Rome, Italy
N. Sarrafzadegan, MD, Isfahan, Iran
A. Schanzer, MD, Worcester, MA
P. Schoenhagen, MD, Cleveland Heights, OH
J. Schofer, MD, Hamburg, Germany
S. Schröder, MD, PhD, Göppingen, Germany
S. Sen-Chowdhry, MD, London, UK
P.W. Serruys, MD, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
K. Shivkumar, MD, Los Angeles, CA
P. Sorajja, MD, Rochester, MN
G. Stankovic, MD, Belgrade, Serbia
S. Stewart, PhD, Melbourne, Australia
P.H. Stone, MD, Boston, MA
B.H. Strauss, MD, PhD, Toronto, Canada
H. Taegtmeyer, MD, Houston, TX
J. Teerlink, MD, San Francisco, CA
M. Tendera, MD, PhD, Katowice, Poland
J.M. Tobis, MD, Los Angeles, CA
G. Tognoni, MD, Milan, Italy
G.F. Tomaselli, MD, Baltimore, MD
C.L. Tommaso, MD, Skokie, IL
J. Towbin, MD, Cincinnati, OH
H-F. Tse, MD, Hong Kong, China
Z. Turi, MD, New Brunswick, NJ
J. Udelson, MD, Boston, MA
B. Uretsky, MD, Fort Smith, AR
A. Vahanian, MD, Paris, France
M. Valgimigli, MD, Ferrara, Italy
H.O. Ventura, MD, New Orleans, LA
Z. Vered, MD, Zerifin, Israel
S. Verma, MD, PhD, Toronto, Canada
J. Viles-Gonzalez, MD, Miami, FL
R. Virmani, MD, Gaithersburg, MD
S. Viskin, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel
P. Voci, MD, Rome, Italy
R.A. Vogel, MD, Denver, CO
A. Voors, MD, PhD, Groningen, the Netherlands
F. Wackers, MD, New Haven, CT
R. Waksman, MD, Washington, DC
D.D. Waters, MD, San Francisco, CA
W.D. Weaver, MD, Detroit, MI
G. Webb, MD, Cincinnati, OH
K.T. Weber, MD, Memphis, TN
L.A. Weinrauch, MD, Boston, MA
W. Weintraub, MD, Newark, DE
C. White, MD, New Orleans, LA
S. Windecker, MD, Bern, Switzerland
A. Wu, PhD, San Francisco, CA
D. Xavier, MD, Bangalore, India
S. Yla-Herttuala, MD, Kuopio, Finland
C.-M. Yu, MD, Hong Kong, China
B. Zaret, MD, New Haven, CT
Y. Zhang, MD, PhD, Jinan, China
M.R. Zile, MD, Charleston, SC