Table 3

Current Candidates for Consideration of Permanent HBP

AV nodal block: second- and third-degree block
Infranodal, intra-Hisian AV block
Atrial fibrillation and slow ventricular response
Sinus node dysfunction and marked first-degree AV block (PR interval >240 ms)
AV nodal ablation (especially if EF <40%)
Any patient with anticipated need for high burden of RV pacing, especially if EF <40%–50%
ICD-eligible patients with previously-listed indications and high RV pacing burden (>40%)
CRT-eligible patients with LBBB who failed LV lead placement
CRT nonresponder: especially RBBB

LBBB = left bundle branch block; RBBB = right bundle branch block; other abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.