Table 1

Community Women Survey Results (n = 1,011)

Action taken among those reporting something wrong with their heart (38%)%
 Told someone45
  Told a friend7
  Told your spouse or significant other34
  Told a family member16
 Called for medical attention32
  Called 9115
  Called the doctor27
  Took an aspirin12
 Nothing, just wanted to see what would happen to be sure it wasn’t something else32
Reasons why women do not ask about heart health more often71
 I assume my doctor will bring it up if there is an issue49
 I don’t think I need to worry about it at my age23
 I’m in good health, so I am not at risk for heart disease23
 I have other more pressing issues to talk about18
 Heart health is not something I think about14
 I do not know what questions to ask13
 I do not know what screenings to ask for10
 There’s not enough time during the appointment7
 I do not know the symptoms of heart disease3
Percent demonstrating heart disease risk factors
 Instructed to lose weight34
 Instructed to exercise more32
 Have a family history of heart disease31
 Have high cholesterol17
 Have high blood pressure17
 Have irregular menstrual periods15
 Instructed to stop smoking14
 Had early menopause10
 Had pregnancy complications8
 Have an autoimmune disease (e.g., Lupus)6
 Had diabetes6
Told by a doctor that they have or are at risk for heart disease16
Percent of women who know heart disease/heart attack symptoms
 Chest pain82
 Pain in 1 or both arms72
 Shortness of breath72
 Pain in other parts of the body60
 Palpitations or rapid heartbeat57
 Lightheadedness or dizziness55
 Unusual fatigue or tiredness52
 Burning sensation in the chest51
 Pain in the jaw44
 Cold sweats41
 Nausea or vomiting41