Recommendation for Hypertension in Stage C HFrEF

IC-EOPatients with HFrEF and hypertension should be prescribed GDMT titrated to attain systolic blood pressure less than 130 mm Hg (191).NEW: Recommendation has been adapted from recent clinical trial data but not specifically tested per se in a randomized trial of patients with HF.
See Online Data Supplements E and F.
Clinical trials evaluating goal blood pressure reduction and optimal blood pressure–lowering agents in the setting of HFrEF and concomitant hypertension have not been done. However, it is apparent that in those patients at higher risk, blood pressure lowering is associated with fewer adverse cardiovascular events. GDMT for HFrEF with agents known to lower blood pressure should consider a goal blood pressure reduction consistent with a threshold now associated with improved clinical outcomes but not yet proven by RCTs in a population with HF.