Frank V. AguirreOfficial Reviewer—BOGPrairie Cardiovascular Consultants—Interventional Cardiologist
Adrian F. HernandezOfficial Reviewer—Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysDuke Clinical Research Institute—Director, Health Services Outcomes Research
Theodore P. AbrahamOrganizational Reviewer—ASEUniversity of California at San Francisco—Meyer Friedman Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Chad DarlingOrganizational Reviewer—SAEMUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School—Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Barbara FletcherOrganizational Reviewer—PCNAUniversity of North Florida—Associate Professor of Medicine
Barbara A. HutchinsonOrganizational Reviewer—ABCChesapeake Cardiac Care—President; Association of Black Cardiologists—President
Phillip David LevyOrganizational Reviewer—ACEPWayne State University—Assistant Vice President; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Associate Director of Clinical Research, Department of Emergency Medicine
Starr D. MirzaOrganizational Reviewer—WomenHeartHeart Disease Advocate
Robert M. MorlendOrganizational Reviewer—AHAUniversity of Texas Southwestern—Assistant Professor of Medicine
Robert OberfieldOrganizational Reviewer—Mended HeartsMended Hearts—Director, Cardiovascular CT; Registered Pharmacist
Sita S. PriceOrganizational Reviewer—AAHFNElite Cardiac Care, LLC—Administrator/Director of Nursing
Brent N. ReedOrganizational Reviewer—APhAUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing—Associate Professor
Flora SamOrganizational Reviewer—AHABoston University School of Medicine—Professor of Medicine, Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute
Luis C. AfonsoContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysWayne State University School of Medicine—Professor; Program Director, Adult Cardiovascular Fellowship; Harper University Hospital—Director, Echocardiography Laboratory; Detroit Medical Center—Physician, Division of Cardiology
Donald E. Casey, Jr.Content Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeIPO4Health—Principal
Monica M. ColvinContent Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeUniversity of Michigan Medical School—Associate Professor
Akshay DesaiContent Reviewer—IndividualBrigham and Women’s Hospital—Associate Director, Brigham Cardiovascular Consultants; Harvard Medical School—Associate Professor
Mark H. DraznerContent Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeUniversity of Texas Southwestern—Clinical Chief of Cardiology; Medical Director of the Heart Failure, LVAD, and Cardiac Transplantation Program
Michael M. GivertzContent Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeHarvard Medical School—Medical Director, Heart Transplant and Mechanical Circulatory Support; Professor, Internal Medicine
Tyler J. GluckmanContent Reviewer—IndividualProvidence Heart and Vascular Institute—Medical Director
Lee R. GoldbergContent Reviewer—IndividualUniversity of Pennsylvania—Medical Director, Heart Failure and Transplantation Program; Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania—Associate Professor
William J. HuckerContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysMassachusetts General Hospital—Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine
Joseph E. MarineContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysJohns Hopkins University School of Medicine—Associate Professor of Medicine
Patrick Edward McBrideContent Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicine—Professor of Medicine; Family Medicine Associate; Dean for Students; Associate Director, Preventive Cardiology Program
Pamela B. MorrisContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysMedical University of South Carolina—Director, Seinsheimer Cardiovascular Health Program; Co-Director, Women's Heart Care
Gurusher S. PanjrathContent Reviewer—ACC Heart Failure CouncilGeorge Washington University—Assistant Professor of Medicine; Director, Heart Failure and Mechanical Support Program
Tina P. ShahContent Reviewer—ACC Heart Failure CouncilBaylor College of Medicine Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center—Assistant Professor of Medicine
Lynne Warner StevensonContent Reviewer—ACC/AHA Heart Failure Guideline Writing CommitteeBrigham and Women’s Hospital—Professor of Medicine
Karol E. WatsonContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysUCLA Medical School—Co-Director, UCLA Program in Preventive Cardiology
Barbara WigginsContent Reviewer—ACC Task Force on Expert Consensus Decision PathwaysMedical University of South Carolina—Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Cardiology, Department of Pharmacy Services

This table represents all relationships of peer reviewers with industry and other entities that were reported by authors, including those not deemed to be relevant to this document, at the time this document was under development. The table does not necessarily reflect relationships with industry at the time of publication. A person is deemed to have a significant interest in a business if the interest represents ownership of ≥5% of the voting stock or share of the business entity, or ownership of ≥$5,000 of the fair market value of the business entity; or if funds received by the person from the business entity exceed 5% of the person’s gross income for the previous year. Relationships that exist with no financial benefit are also included for the purpose of transparency. Relationships in this table are modest unless otherwise noted. Please refer to for definitions of disclosure categories or additional information about the ACC Disclosure Policy for Writing Committees.

AAHFN = American Association of Heart Failure Nurses; ABC = Association of Black Cardiologists; ACC = American College of Cardiology; ACEP = American College of Emergency Physicians; AHA = American Heart Association; APhA = American Pharmacists Association; ASE = American Society of Echocardiography; BOG = Board of Governors; LVAD = left ventricular assist device; PCNA = Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association; SAEM = Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.