Table 8

Infrastructure to Support Team-Based HF Care

ModalityChallengesPotential Benefits
Electronic health recordsEase of access, interoperability with other electronic data repositories, data accuracyReduction in errors; decision support; accurate medication reconciliation to facilitate guideline adherence; if available, an effective patient portal to facilitate patient/caregiver engagement
Patient monitoring devices: e.g., scales, implanted devices, bioimpedance devicesAccuracy; false alerts; cost effectiveness; infrastructure/resource needs, including accurate data management and triageEarly warning and a reduction in morbidity
Wearable activity monitorsAccuracyPhysical activity coaching/adherence, early detection of arrhythmias (e.g., AF)
SmartphonesNeed for more useful appsActivity tracking, diet records, weight management, communication with HF team, prompts for medication adherence

AF = atrial fibrillation; HF = heart failure.