Table 2

Electrophysiological Characteristics of 191 Patients With BrS Stratified by Clinical Presentation

Group 1 (n = 88)Group 2 (n = 103)p Value
VF (n = 51)VT (n = 37)
Baseline substrate size, cm20.013
Substrate size after ajmaline, cm2
 >200 ms<0.001
 >250 ms0.003
 >280 ms<0.001
Baseline potential duration, ms<0.001
Potential duration after ajmaline, ms<0.001
Baseline local activation time, ms0.006
Local activation time after ajmaline, ms0.003
Baseline low-voltage area, cm2<0.001
Low-voltage area after ajmaline, cm2<0.001

IQR = interquartile range; other abbreviations as in Table 1.