Table 2

Screened and Enrolled Participants by Gender

TrialTotal Screened% Women Among Total Screened (n/N)Screened Out% Screened Out Among Screened (Number Screened Out/Number Women [or Men] Screened)Enrolled% Women Among Total Enrolled (n/N)PPR
Acute coronary syndrome #1 (prasugrel)5,21813,12828 (5,218/18,346)1,6953,04332 (1,695/5,218)233,52310,08526 (3,523/13,608)0.6
Atrial fibrillation #3 (rivaroxaban)6,98110,251411,3211,64719165,6608,604401.1
Atrial fibrillation #4 (apixaban)7,50713,491361,0911,70615136,41611,785351.0
Atrial fibrillation #5 (edoxaban tosylate)9,89615,601391,8562,53619168,04013,065381.1
Heart failure #3 (sacubitril/valsartan)4,23213,836231,8795,65244412,3538,184220.4

Values are n unless otherwise indicated.

PPR = participation to prevalence ratio.

  • Screen failures include participants who had a screening visit but were not randomized for various reasons.

  • Participants who were randomized in the trial.

  • This trial had run-in periods before a double-blind treatment period. The numbers indicate all participants eligible for the run-in period before randomization.