Table 8

Estimated Risk for Cancer from Prenatal Radiation Exposure

Radiation DoseEstimated Childhood Cancer Incidence
No radiation exposure above background0.3%38%
0.00–0.05 Gy (0–5 rads)0.3%–1%38%–40%
0.05–0.50 Gy (5–50 rads)1%–6%40%–55%
>0.50 Gy (50 rads)>6%>55%

Reproduced with permission from the Centers for Disease Control (35).

Estimated lifetime cancer incidence§ (exposure at age 10 years).

The right column tabulates the estimated lifetime incidence of cancer for the same exposure incurred at age 10 for comparison to the estimated childhood incidence from fetal exposure.

  • Data published by the International Commission on Radiation Protection.

  • Childhood cancer mortality is roughly half of childhood cancer incidence.

  • The lifetime cancer risks from prenatal radiation exposure are not yet known. The lifetime risk estimates given are for Japanese males exposed at age 10 years from models published by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

  • § Lifetime cancer mortality is roughly one third of lifetime cancer incidence.