Table 5

Radiation-Induced Skin Injuries—Relationship of Severity to Dose

Single Exposure Dose Range (Gy)Skin Reaction
0–2 Weeks2–8 Weeks8–40 WeeksLong-Term (>40 weeks)
0–2No observable effects
2–5Transient erythemaPossible epilationRecovery of hair lossComplete healing
5–10Transient erythemaErythema epilationRecovery or permanent hair lossAt higher doses dermal atrophy or induration
10–15Transient erythemaEpilation, possible desquamationProlonged erythema, permanent hair lossDermal atrophy or induration
>15Transient erythema, after very high doses ulcerationEpilation, moist desquamationDermal atrophy, secondary ulceration, necrosisDermal atrophy, possible late skin breakdown, ulceration, and necrosis of subcutaneous tissues

Adapted from Balter et al. (17).