Table 1

Reasons for Noncompletion of the Full Study Protocol

Could not validly exercise
 Required femoral access2
 Sedation required2
 Acute target vessel occlusion requiring immediate PCI1
Became ineligible after angiogram and/or physiological assessment
 Operator decision to defer PCI based on FFR/iFR7
 Operator decision to refer for LIMA to LAD2
 Found to have developed CTO1
 Ventricular fibrillation1
Could not perform post-PCI exercise
 Plan for ostial LAD stenting was changed to cover left main stem (exclusion criterion)1
 After PCI, had persistent low-level chest discomfort preventing symptom-limited exercise1
Technical difficulties
 Unable to acquire satisfactory quality velocity data5
 Research equipment dysfunction preventing adequate data acquisition2

Values are n.

CTO = chronic total occlusion; FFR = fractional flow reserve; iFR = instantaneous wave-free ratio; LAD = left anterior descending coronary artery; LIMA = left internal mammary artery; PCI = percutaneous coronary intervention.