Table 3

Prevalence of MRI Findings of Any Plaque Hemorrhage

AllMRI PositiveMRI Negative
First Author/Year (Ref. #)NEvents
Annualized Event RatePrevalenceEventsAnnualized Event RatePrevalenceEventsAnnualized Event Rate
Teng et al. 2011 (20)421124.550.052.449.050.000
Kurosaki et al. 2011 (14)62714.848.418.824.751.63.34.4
Sadat et al. 2010 (21)611213.349.051.0
Kume et al. 2010 (12)165298.152.728.
Singh et al. 2009 (15)9863.863.316.78.036.700
Altaf et al. 2007 (22)661722.933.334.166.79.1
Altaf et al. 2008 (13)64148.239.033.314.761.04.01.7
Takaya et al. 2006 (16)154122.472.0280

Values are % except as noted. The prevalence of MRI findings of any plaque hemorrhage, number of events, and annualized event rates among all subjects with MRI positive and negative findings are derived from crude event numbers provided in the source publication.

MRI = magnetic resonance imaging.

  • Averaged annualized event rates (%) are weighted by sample size.