Table 1

Baseline Age-Standardized Characteristics of 20,721 Men in the Cohort of Swedish Men by Categories of Recommended Food Score

Recommended Food Score
Quintiles 1–4Quintile 5
Mean age, yrs5957
Nondietary factors
 Post-secondary education1826
 Family history of myocardial infarction1615
 Aspirin use2831
 No smoking5667
 Walking/bicycling for ≥40 min/day and exercising for ≥1 h/week2932
 Mean waist circumference, cm9594
 Mean alcohol consumption, g/day1314
Dietary factors, mean
 Mean non-Recommended Food Score1517
 Mean energy intake, kcal/day2,7002,900
Food intake/day, mean servings
 Whole grains3.74.3

Values are % unless otherwise indicated.

  • The Recommended Food Scores included foods with a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. A score of 1, adding up to a maximum of 25, was assigned for regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, reduced-fat dairy products, whole grains, and fish.

  • Never smokers and those who quit smoking ≥20 years ago were classified as nonsmokers.

  • The non-Recommended Food Score included red and processed meat, fried potatoes, solid fats, full-fat cheese, white bread, refined cereals, and various sweet foods. Each of these foods with a regularly consumed frequency was assigned a food score of 1, adding up to a maximum of 21.