TableĀ 4

Didactic Instruction in Procedures in Which Medical Knowledge Should be Demonstrated and Achievement of Level II Competency May Be Accomplished During or After Fellowship

Cardiac PET
  • a. Production and use of positron-emitted radiotracers

  • b. Instrumentation and physics of PET

  • c. Radiation safety and regulatory requirements unique to PET

  • d. Range of PET cardiac studies (e.g., myocardial perfusion, metabolism, innervation)

Hybrid SPECT/CT and PET/CT
  • a. Use for attenuation correction

  • b. Coronary calcium scoring

  • c. Combined anatomic/physiologic imaging

Myocardial Innervation
  • a. I-123 MIBG imaging

Abbreviations as in TableĀ 1.