Table 2

The 5 Most Prevalent Comorbidities for 2012 Medicare Beneficiaries ≥65 Years of Age With at Least 2 (Dyads) or 3 (Triads) Chronic Conditions (14)

ComorbiditiesPrevalence (%)
Dyads (beneficiaries with ≥2 comorbidities; N=19,139,696)
High cholesterol and high BP57.2
High BP and ischemic heart disease36.8
High BP and arthritis33.3
High BP and diabetes mellitus32.7
High cholesterol and ischemic heart disease31.3
Triads (beneficiaries with ≥3 comorbidities; N=14,908,988)
High cholesterol, high BP, and ischemic heart disease35.8
High cholesterol, high BP, and diabetes mellitus31.7
High cholesterol, high BP, and arthritis28.8
High BP, diabetes mellitus, and ischemic heart disease21.5
High BP, arthritis, and ischemic heart disease20.6

Reproduced with permission from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (14).

BP indicates blood pressure.