Table 3

Results of the Multivariate Risk Regression of Specific Measures of Intra-Abdominal Adiposity on Incident Hypertension

RR (95% CI)p Value
Model 1
 Liver fat1.13 (1.02–1.25)0.02
Model 2
 IP fat1.09 (0.84–1.40)0.51
Model 3
 RP fat1.09 (1.05–1.13)<0.0001
Model 4
 IP fat (kg)1.10 (0.98–1.23)0.12
 RP fat (kg)1.12 (1.02–1.23)0.02
 Liver fat (%)1.10 (0.99–1.22)0.08

Relative risk of developing hypertension per 1-S.D. increase in adiposity measure.

Abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.

  • Models adjusted for age, baseline systolic BP, sex, race/ethnicity, history of smoking, diabetes mellitus, BMI, SAT, and LBF.