Table 2

Hemodynamic Definitions for CLI

Patients With Tissue LossPatients With Ischemic Rest Pain
Ankle pressure <70 mm HgAnkle pressure <50 mm Hg
Toe pressure <50 mm HgToe pressure <30 mm Hg
TcPO2 <40 mm HgTcPO2 <20 mm Hg
Skin perfusion pressure <40 mm HgSkin perfusion pressure <30 mm Hg (23)

The PARC group provided hemodynamic support for the definition of CLI. Atypical leg symptoms are symptoms that are worsened by exertion, but that do not meet the classic definition of intermittent claudication. These patients should have objective/confirmed evidence of PAD by noninvasive testing.

CLI = critical limb ischemia; PAD = peripheral arterial disease; PARC = Peripheral Academic Research Consortium; TcPO2 = transcutaneous oxygen pressure.