Table 2

Adjusted RR of CHD With 95% CI for HbA1c ≥6.5% Stratified by Hp Genotypes in Men 46 to 80 Years of Age at Blood Draw From the Nested Case-Control Study of CHD Events in the HPFS (1994 to 2010) and in Women 44 to 69 Years of Age at Blood Draw From the Nested Case-Control Study of CHD Events in the NHS (1990 to 2004)

Haptoglobin Genotypep Value, Interaction
Hp1-1 + Hp2-1Hp2-2
 All participants together
  N, cases/control participants393/40736/14237/26629/9
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)2.19 (1.14-4.24)1.00 (Ref.)3.07 (1.37-6.86)0.76
 First half (8 yrs) of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants231/23521/11135/15019/5
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)1.60 (0.73-3.53)1.00 (Ref.)3.88 (1.31-11.52)0.41
 Second half of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants162/17215/3102/11610/4
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)4.72 (1.26-17.65)1.00 (Ref.)2.16 (0.61-7.61)0.42
 All participants together
  N, cases/control participants212/23933/11135/14824/2
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)2.12 (0.98-4.60)1.00 (Ref.)10.59 (2.34-47.91)0.05
 First 8 yrs of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants104/10825/547/7717/1
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)3.46 (1.14-10.55)1.00 (Ref.)28.62 (3.27-250.72)0.09
 After first 8 yrs of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants108/1318/688/717/1
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)0.92 (0.27-3.07)1.00 (Ref.)4.98 (0.54-46.16)0.17
NHS and HPFS pooled
 All participants
  N, cases/control participants605/64669/25372/41853/11
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)2.16 (1.31-3.57)1.00 (Ref.)4.80 (1.49-15.42)0.30
 First 8 yrs of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants335/34346/16182/23136/6
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)2.12 (1.02-4.39)1.00 (Ref.)8.38 (1.25-56.32)0.15
 After 8 years of follow-up
  N, cases/control participants270/30323/9190/18717/5
  RR (95% CI)1.00 (Ref.)2.03 (0.41-10.13)1.00 (Ref.)2.64 (0.88-7.92)0.78

The multivariate model is adjusted for matching factors (age and smoking) and also: body mass index, alcohol, physical activity, parental coronary heart disease before the age of 60 years, diet quality score, history of high cholesterol, history of high blood pressure, and medications for high blood pressure.

HPFS = Health Professionals Follow-Up Study; NHS = Nurses Health Study; Ref. = reference group; RR = relative risk; other abbreviations as in Table 1.