Table 1

Acute Vasodilator Response Criteria

Physician’s Judgment
  • An acute response at the discretion of the treating physician

REVEAL-pediatric criteria by Barst et al. (2)
  • A decrease in mPAP of ≥20%

  • And an unchanged, increased, or less than 10% decreased cardiac index

  • And a decreased or unchanged pulmonary-to-systemic vascular resistance ratio

Adult criteria by Sitbon et al. (5,7)
  • Reduction of mPAP of ≥10 mm Hg

  • To reach an absolute value of mPAP ≤40 mm Hg

  • And an increased or unchanged cardiac output

mPAP = mean pulmonary arterial pressure; REVEAL = Registry to Evaluate Early And Long-term PAH disease management.