Table 1

In-Hospital All-Cause Case Fatality Rate According to Stability

Number of PatientsCase Fatality Rate, %
All stable2,038,0807.9
 Stable, low risk, IVCF297,7007.2
 Stable, low risk, no IVCF1,712,8007.9
 Stable, low risk, IVCF, ≤60 yrs94,6475.5
 Stable, low risk, no IVCF, ≥60 yrs710,4084.6
 Stable, low risk, IVCF, >60 yrs204,2558.0
 Stable, low risk, no IVCF, >60 yrs1,017,13710.2
All unstable73,34037
 Unstable, IVCF19,50533
 Unstable, no IVCF52,73551

Data from Stein et al. (5). Age-related data in patients in stable condition are unpublished from Stein et al. (5).

IVCF = inferior vena cava filter.

  • Stable, low-risk: not in shock or on ventilatory support and did not receive thrombolytic therapy.

  • Unstable: in shock or on ventilatory support.