Table 1

Conference Discussion Points

Focus on the patient
 Transparent explanation of radiation risk that results in informed patient decision making
 Informed consent: patient and physician decision aids
 New communication models to optimize patient preferences for test selection and timely reporting
Focus on the laboratory
 Demonstrated safety profile for laboratory accreditation
 Demonstrated physician/staff member knowledge for certification
 Performance metrics for radiation safety tracking
 Public reporting of benefit and risk
 Comparative effectiveness: integration of safety into multimodality decision making
Focus on the population
 AUC as a means to drive safety: is it sufficient?
 Effective assimilation of low-dose alternatives (e.g., rubidium-82 PET)/dose reduction techniques
 Optimal continuous quality initiatives: hurdles beyond the research environment
 Future information technology and research developments: tracking and standardized reporting

AUC = appropriate use criteria; PET = positron emission tomography.