Table 1

ACS NSQIP Classification of CHD Based on Residual Lesion Burden and Functional Status

ClassificationDefinition and Criteria
Minor CHD
  • Cardiac condition with or without medication and maintenance (e.g., atrial septal defect, small-to-moderate ventricular septal defect with no symptoms)

  • Repair of congenital heart defect with normal cardiovascular function and no medication

Major CHD
  • Repair of congenital heart defect with residual hemodynamic abnormality with or without medications (e.g., tetralogy of Fallot with wide open pulmonary insufficiency, hypoplastic left heart syndrome including stage 1 repair)

Severe CHD
  • Uncorrected cyanotic heart disease

  • Patients with any documented pulmonary hypertension

  • Patients with ventricular dysfunction requiring medications

  • Listed for heart transplant

ACS NSQIP = American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program; CHD = congenital heart disease.