Table 2

Proposed Integration of Level of Value Into Clinical Guideline Recommendations

Level of Value
High value: better outcomes at lower cost or ICER <$50,000 per QALY gained
Intermediate value: $50,000 to <$150,000 per QALY gained
Low value: ≥$150,000 per QALY gained
Uncertain value: value examined but data are insufficient to draw a conclusion because of no studies, low-quality studies, conflicting studies, or prior studies that are no longer relevant
Not assessed: value not assessed by the writing committee

Proposed abbreviations for each value recommendation:

Level of Value: H to indicate high value I, intermediate value; L, low value; U, uncertain value; and NA, value not assessed

GDP indicates gross domestic product; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QALY, quality-adjusted life-year; and WHO-CHOICE, World Health Organization Choosing Interventions that are Cost Effective.

  • Figures used in this table are based on U.S. GDP data from 2012 and were obtained from WHO-CHOICE Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds (24).