Table 2

Recursive Partitioning Models Results

ModelSplit Sequence% Contribution to Total Chi-SquareR2ROC, AUC
Overall5-Fold Cross- ValidationFA (n = 105)TCFA (n = 88)RP (n = 102)
All cases (n = 295) including TCAPCap thickness93.60.6780.6651.000.8880.897
% Stenosis4.4
All cases (n = 295) excluding TCAPMacrophages75.40.2140.1970.820.5760.774
Necrotic core24.6
50%–75% stenosis, excluding TCAP (n = 113)Macrophages86.70.2490.2020.8130.6980.848
Necrotic core13.3
>75% stenosis, excluding TCAP (n = 163)Macrophages56.70.260.2060.8640.5850.817
Necrotic core35.5

Contribution of major discriminators to total chi-square and calculation of area under the curve (AUC) for the diagnostic accuracy.

ROC = receiver-operating characteristic; other abbreviations as in Table 1.