Table 5.1a

RCTs and Meta-Analyses of Garlic Therapy for Risk Treatment of Risk Factors

AuthorYearStudy TypePatientsDaily Dose and PreparationEffect of Garlic
Berthold1998RCT2510 mg steam distilled oilNo difference in multiple measures
Isaacsohn1998RCT40900 mg powderNo difference in multiple measures
Jain1993RCT42900 mg powderReduction in LDL of 11% vs. 3% for placebo
Warshafsky1993Meta-analysis5 trials1/2–1 clove per dayReduction in total cholesterol of 95 mg/dL
Hypertension Silagy1994Meta-analysis8 trials600–900 mg powderSmall reduction in systolic and diastolic BP

Reproduced from Gibbons et al. (24).

BP indicates blood presssure; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; and RCT, randomized controlled trial.

  • Cross-over study.