Table 5.1b

RCT in Stable Angina Comparing Beta Blockers and Calcium Antagonists

Trial AuthorJournal YearNBeta Blocker ARM 1 n =Ca-Blocker ARM 2 n =Follow UpOutcomeResults ARM 1 n =Result ARM 2 n =Odds Ratio ARM 2/ARM 1 for Death or MI
APSIS/RehnqvistEur Heart J 1996809Metoprolol 406Verapamil 4033.4 yDeath22251.01 (0.63, 1.6)
Cardiac death1919
Nonfatal MI1714
TIBET/DargieEur Heart J 1996458Atenolol 226Nifedipine 2322 yCardiac death361.22 (0.63, 2.4)
Nonfatal MI1415
IMAGE/SavonittoJACC 1996127Metoprolol 65Nifedipine 626 wkDeath100.5 (0.05, 5.8)
Nonfatal MI11
de VriesInt J Card 1996128Atenolol 66Nifedipine 624 wkNonfatal MI011.07 (0.2, 55)
TIBBS/Von ArnimJACC 1995330Bisoprolol 161Nifedipine 1694 wkNonfatal MI011.91 (0.06, 57)
AhujaInt J Card 1993134Metoprolol 68Diltiazem 664 wkDeath or MI001.03 (0.02, 53)
Death or MISummary OR
Total1,98699299458621.06 (0.73, 1.54)

Reproduced from Gibbons et al. (24).

APSIS indicates Angina Prognosis Study in Stockholm; IMAGE, International Multicenter Angina Exercise; MI, myocardial infarction; OR, odds ratio; RCT, randomized controlled trial; TIBBS, Total Ischemic Burden Bisoprolol Study; and TIBET, Total Ischaemic Burden European Trial.

  • Long-acting preparations.