Table 2

Initial and Intercurrent Revascularization by Randomization Assignment

Assigned to PCI (n = 202)Assigned to CABG (n = 200)
Initial revascularization
 Vein grafts (CABG)334
 LIMA grafts (CABG)198
 Stenoses attempted (PCI)522
 Stenoses ≥50% attempted (PCI)485
 Stenoses ≥50% successfully treated412 (85%)
 LAD revascularization*77%90%
 LCx/RCA revascularization*86%99%
 Mean % of myocardium remaining jeopardized after initial revascularization*17 ± 197 ± 11
 Mean % of initial myocardial jeopardy remaining uncorrected*28 ± 3011 ± 16
Intercurrent revascularization
 No repeat revascularization*47%92%
 PCI without CABG33%7%
 PCI within 6 months of randomization18%1%
 PCI beyond 6 months of randomization14%6%
 PCI first with subsequent CABG6%0%
 CABG as first repeat revascularization14%0%
 CABG at any time20%0%

LAD = left anterior descending coronary artery; LCx = left circumflex coronary artery; LIMA = left internal mammary artery; RCA = right coronary artery; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • * p < 0.001 for comparison of PCI- and CABG-assigned patients.

  • The incidence of any type of repeat revascularization was statistically different (p < 0.001) between PCI and CABG patients irrespective of whether or not they participated in the five-year angiography study.