Table 3

Factors Associated With Ischemia-Related Adverse Outcomes: Multivariate Analysisa

Adverse Outcome/FactorOdds Ratio99% CIp Value
Death, myocardial infarction or hospital admissionb
Ischemia-guided medical strategyc0.800.39–1.610.41
Revascularization strategyc0.560.26–1.20.05
AECG ischemia (QV EPId)1.061.01–1.120.002
  • a Multivariate stepwise Cox regression odds ratios, 99% confidence interval (CI) and p values.

  • b Ischemia-related hospital admission classified by Mortality and Morbidity Classification Committee.

  • c Odds ratio as compared with the angina-guided medical treatment strategy.

  • d Odds ratio for increase of one episode of ischemia (EPI) per 48 h of monitoring at entry on the qualifying visit ambulatory electrocardiogram (QV AECG).