Table 3

Clinical Characteristics of the 33 Incident Patients

Case No.Age (yr)/GenderPSVT Rate (beats/min)Initial DocumentationLong-Term TherapyDuration of SymptomsAssociated CVD
273/F148OfficeYes≥1 yrHTN
456/M152WardsYes1st episodeCHF, CAD, HTN
590/F158WardsYesNoneCAD, HTN, AFib
660/M152WardsYes≥1st yrCHF, HTN, AFl
778/M140WardsYes1st episodeCHF, CAD, VSD
868/F150WardsYes1st episodeCHF, HTN, AI, MR, AFib, SSS
969/F167WardsYes1st episodeAS, AFib
1053/M158Holter monitorNone≥1 yrPericarditis, MVP
1143/F170Holter monitorYes<1 yrHTN, AFib
1265/F170Holter monitorNone≥1 yrHTN
1366/M178Holter monitorYes≥1 yrHTN
1468/M207Holter monitorYes≥1 yrHTN
1569/M140ERYes<1 yrHTN, SSS
1663/M130ERYesNoneCHF, HTN
1782/F130ERYes≥1 yrCAD, HTN, AFib
1882/F146ERYes1st episodeCHF, CAD, HTN, MR
1969/M143ERYes<1 yrCAD, AFib, AFl
2060/F164ERYes<1 yrWPW, CAD, Ebstein
2114/M230Holter monitorNone≥1 yr
228/F200Holter monitorNone<1 yr
2320/F167EP labYes<1 yr
2450/F200EP labYes≥1 yr
2526/F172ERYes≥1 yr
2671/F200ERYes≥1 yr
2736/F168ERNone1st episode
2862/F190ERYes≥1 yr
290.3/F240ERNone<1 yr
3039/F135ERNone<1 yr
3176/F182ERYes1st episode
3246/F160ERYes1st episode
3339/F180ERYes≥1 yr

AFib = atrial fibrillation; AFl = atrial flutter; AI = aortic insufficiency; AS = aortic stenosis; CAD = coronary artery disease; CHF = congestive heart failure; CVD = cardiovascular disease; Ebstein = Ebstein’s anomaly; EP lab = electrophysiology laboratory; ER = emergency room; F = female; HTN = hypertension; M = male; MR = mitral regurgitation; MVP = mitral valve prolapse; PSVT = paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia; RFA = radiofrequency ablation; SSS = sick sinus syndrome; VSD = ventricular septal defect; WPW = Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.