Table 4

Complications of Catheter Ablative Therapy and Overall Incidence in Study Population Undergoing 744 Ablation Procedures (N = 695 patients)legend

ComplicationTotal Group N = 695≥80 N = 3760–80 N = 275<60 N = 383
Major or life-threatening
 Myocardial infarction0000
 Bradycardia-dependent PMVT0000
 Embolic stroke1001
 Persistent unintentional heart block0000
 Valve disruption0000
 Pulmonary embolus0000
 Total major complications1/695001/383
 Deep venous thrombosis1001
 Retroperitoneal bleeding1001
 Pericardial effusion requiring drainage7025
 Total serious complications9/69502/2757/383
 Over-sedation resulting in altered mental status2002
 Ischemic chest pain without infarction (angina)3021
 Total minor complications8/69504/2754/383
Total complications/patient (percentage)18/6950/376/27512/383
  • legend PMVT = polymorphic ventricular tachycardia.