Table 1

Study Populationlegend

PFm56Source of embolismNormal MVAmb
BHf72MRMR restricted leaflet/MSAmb
STm48Dilated cardiomyopathy, MRAnnular dilationICU
KGm33MRMVP/flail postleafletOP
HKf50EndocarditisNormal MVICU
BLm40Dissection of AoNormal MVICU
PKf28MRFlail post-MV leafletOP
PKf28Post-OP studyFollowing MV repairOP
DNf48MSSevere MSOP
MMm60MRFlail postleafletAmb
HGm64MRFlail anterior leafletOP
PPm48MRBileaflet MVPAmb
UHf68MSModerate to severe MSAmb
FZm72AV prosth, endocarditisBileaflet MVPAmb
  • Study was performed under respiratory therapy,

  • 3D study not suitable for stereolithographic modeling.

  • legend Amb = ambulatory; Ao = aorta; Av prosth = aortic valve prosthesis; ICU = intensive care unit; MR = mitral regurgitation; MS = mitral stenosis; MV = mitral valve; MVP = mitral valve prolapse; OP = intraoperative study.