Table 5

Multivariate Predictors of Late Mortalitylegend

Variablesp (Coefficient)Chi-square (Model)df (Model)p (Model)
5-yr mortality
Exercise time0.005
Ejection fraction<0.001
10-yr mortality
Exercise time0.01
Ejection fraction<0.001
  • Number of diseased vessels (p = 0.1) in six-factor model.

  • p and chi-square values were similar for the model if end-systolic volume index was substituted for ejection fraction. The end-systolic volume index was the most powerful predictor of five-year survival, and the ejection fraction was more powerful at 10 years.

  • p = 0.02 and 0.78 for TIMI flow if this factor was substituted for CTFC as a predictor of five- and 10-year mortality, respectively. Insertion of CTFC as a three-way categoric variable (similar to TIMI flow grades) did not increase the p value.

  • legend CTFC = corrected TIMI frame count; df = degrees of freedom; TIMI = Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction.