Table 2

Coagulation Measurements Over Time Among Patients Randomized to Immediate Discontinuation of Heparinlegend

Baseline1 h4 h24 hp
Heparin (U/ml)0.540.200.410.
Factor VII (ng/ml)574.35231.38613.33184.39626.83199.16612.18234.220.26
Factor VIIa (ng/ml)1.180.620.890.452.451.191.890.960.07
TFPI (ng/ml)132.8028.0493.2331.5574.7324.9586.1729.300.04
TFPI activity (U/ml)1.320.
F1.2 (nM)1.880.651.850.932.280.944.431.22< 0.001
  • p value was from repeated measurements ANOVA for the test of homogeneity of group means.

  • legend ANOVA = analysis of variance; F1.2 = prothrombin fragment 1.2; TFPI = tissue factor pathway inhibitor.