Table 3

Determinants of Change in FMDlegend legend

SourcedfSum of SquaresMean SquareFp Value
Duration of diabetes133.76433.7646.870.011
Baseline FMD173.31273.31214.92< 0.001
TermEffect Size95% Confidence Interval
Atorvastatin1.260.22 to 2.30
l-Arginine−0.51−1.54 to 0.51
Interaction−1.28−3.35 to 0.78
Duration of diabetes−0.070.02 to 0.13
Baseline FMD−0.37−0.56 to −0.18
Constant0.37−0.72 to 1.47
  • legend The upper table is the analysis of covariance matrix for the change in FMD over the six-week duration of the study. The lower table gives the regression coefficients (effect size). Improvement in FMD was significantly associated with atorvastatin therapy, even after taking into account the effect of baseline FMD and duration of diabetes. l-Arginine therapy had no significant benefit on FMD and attenuated the effect of atorvastatin when given in combination.

  • legend df = degrees of freedom; FMD = flow-mediated dilation.