Table 4

Prevalence and Diagnostic Value of Baseline Observations and Tachycardia Featureslegend

Baseline Observations and Tachycardia FeaturesPrevalence (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)
Baseline Observations
 • Preexcitation present during sinus rhythm15341469978310863467886
 • Dual AV nodal physiology558610368324428668823682
 • VA block cycle length >600 ms at baseline11825084848441555416693
 • Extranodal response to para-Hisian pacing18547067968017830368085
Tachycardia Features
 • Induction dependent on a critical AH interval55901648826369181874271
 • Isoproterenol required to sustain tachycardia39472357685162651817565891
 • Tachycardia cycle length ≥500 ms342099969783170446987
 • Septal VA interval >70 ms5316100100069541759240100100
 • Eccentric atrial activation310746130897407624198893
 • Spontaneous AV block during tachycardia101103391859360040446591
 • Spontaneous termination with AV block283331078736766340487082
 • Development of RBBB32313630666967543511427182
 • Development of LBBB1213647399874924368187
 • Increase in VA interval >20 ms with BBB70350691008001000515792
  • legend AH = atrial His bundle; AT = atrial tachycardia; AVNRT = atrioventricular nodal reentry; BBB = bundle branch block; CL = cycle length; LBBB = left bundle branch block; NPV = negative predictive value; PPV = positive predictive value; ORT = orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia; RBBB = right bundle branch block; SVT = supraventricular tachycardia; VA = ventriculoatrial.