Table 1

Echocardiographic and Cardiopulmonary Gas Exchange Characteristics in Athletic Individuals With HCMlegend

Patient (n)Age (years)GeneSportLVWT (mm)LVEDD (mm)pVO2 (ml/kg)pVO2 (% predicted max)AT (% VO2 max)O2 P (ml/bt)O2 P (% predicted)HR max (beats/min)
125Troponin TBadminton144929733414.674193
227Troponin TSoccer13493278501581185
325Troponin TSoccer155034834014.284186
424Troponin TSoccer14523383391383189
525Troponin TRugby135234853811.183189
618Troponin TCycling135135834213.487179
730beta MHCCircuit1648441114517.3105188
826beta MHCCircuit134934834415.582190
  • legend AT = anaerobic threshold; HCM = hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; HR = heart rate; LVEDD = left ventricular end-diastolic dimension; LVWT = left ventricular wall thickness; O2 P = oxygen pulse; pVO2 = peak oxygen consumption; VO2 max = maximal oxygen consumption.