Table 5

Final Multiple Logistic Regression ModelPredicting Six-Month Mortality in Patients Who Had CABGlegend

CharacteristicOdds Ratio95% CIp Value
Ejection fraction(<35% vs. ≥35%)2.721.65–4.47<0.001
Congestive heart failure2.011.24–3.27<0.01
Cerebrovascular disease1.871.16–3.01<0.01
Peripheral vascular disease1.711.08–2.70<0.05
Cardiac arrhythmias2.111.37–3.26<0.001
Retrograde cardioplegia0.410.26–0.64<0.001
Peak CK-MB isoenzyme ratio
 <5 ULN1.00
 ≥5 and <10 ULN2.011.19–3.37<0.01
 ≥10 and <20 ULN2.271.20–4.30<0.05
 ≥20 ULN8.314.82–14.33<0.001
  • The initial full model included ejection fraction; history of MI, congestive heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, cardiac arrhythmias and insulin-dependent diabetes; retrograde cardioplegia; intermittent cross-clamping; duration of cardiopulmonary bypass; total surgical time; peak CK-MB enzyme ratio; and ECG abnormalities;

  • a mean ejection fraction of 50% was imputed for the 751 patients with missing ejection fraction values. Variables not significantly predicting six-month mortality were removed from the model in subsequent steps, and estimates for the remaining variables were recalculated.

  • legend Abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.