Table 6

Final Multiple Logistic Regression Model Predicting Six-Month Mortality in Patients Who Survived >10 Days After CABGlegend

Odds Ratio95% CIp Value
Ejection fraction (<35% vs. ≥35%)2.831.59–5.03<0.001
Congestive heart failure2.151.23–3.76<0.01
Peripheral vascular disease2.231.33–3.73<0.01
Cardiac arrhythmias2.381.44–3.93<0.001
Previous PTCA0.600.36–1.00<0.05
Retrograde cardioplegia0.320.18–0.56<0.001
No. of arterial bypass grafts0.640.45–0.91<0.05
Peak CK-MB isoenzyme ratio
 <5 ULN1.00
 ≥5 and <10 ULN1.901.04–3.48<0.05
 ≥10 and <20 ULN1.970.94–4.140.08
 ≥20 ULN4.782.37–9.64<0.001
  • legend Abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.