Table 4

Six-Month Mortality by Postcoronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Occurrence of Two-Step Minnesota Code Worsening Electrocardiographic Abnormalitieslegend

ECG AbnormalityFrequency (%)Dead (n)Alive (n)Total (n)Disease OddsDisease Odds Ratio95% CIIncidence (per 100)Relative Risk95% CI
None or one step54.4741,1941,2680.0621.005.841.00
2-step worsening T-wave23.6185325500.0340.550.31–0.953.270.560.34–0.93
2-step worsening ST segment elevation14.2113203310.0340.550.27–1.093.320.570.31–1.06
2-step worsening ST segment depression2.7459630.0681.090.33–3.246.351.090.41–2.88
2-step worsening ST segment elevation and 2-step worsening ST segment depression0.4010100.0000.000.000.00
2-step worsening Q-wave4.712981100.1221.980.98–3.9010.911.871.05–3.33
  • Reference category;

  • p < 0.05.

  • legend ECG = electrocardiographic; CI = confidence interval.