Table 3

Gains in Life Expectancy With Various Preventive Interventions

Disease and InterventionGain in Life Expectancy (months)
Cardiovascular disease
 Targeted therapy for individuals at risk*
 Statin therapy for low LDL/high CRP10.27.9
 Achievement of 20% cessation rate among smokers5.56.7
 Reduction in diastolic blood pressure to 88 mm Hg if 90–94 mm Hg13.210.8
 Reduction in total cholesterol
 to 200 mg/dl if 200–239 mg/dl6.04.8
 to 200 mg/dl if 240–299 mg/dl20.418.0
Cancer prevention in individuals at average risk
 10 years of biennial mammography for 50-year-old womenNA0.8
 Pap smear every 3 years for 55 years for 20-year-old womenNA3.1
 Annual fecal occult-blood test, plus barium enema or colonoscopy every 5 years for 25 years for 50-year-olds2.52.2

Abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • * For 35-year-old subjects.

  • Data are from Tsevat et al. (39).

  • Data are from Wright and Weinstein (38).