Table 3

Procedural and 30-Day Outcomes

MACCE (%)172<0.01
Death (%)520.34
Myocardial infarction(%)20>0.9
Urgent target vessel revascularization (%)10>0.9
Cerebrovascular events (%)800.03
VT/VF (%)900.03
Requirement for permanent pacemaker (%)400.15
Renal failure requiring dialysis (%)20>0.9
Vessel perforation (%)NA2
Cardiac tamponade (%)12>0.9
Vascular hematoma requiring vascular repair (%)00>0.9
Repeat surgery for bleeding (%)7NA
In-hospital length of stay (days ± SD)7.6 ± 4.93.9 ± 4.5<0.01

 MACCE = major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular event; VF = ventricular fibrillation; VT = ventricular tachycardia; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • One patient with a Parsonnet score of 41 had severe peripheral vascular disease and left ventricular dysfunction and was turned down by the surgeon for CABG. The patient underwent PCI with a percutaneous left ventricular assist device for hemodynamic support. The patient underwent peripheral vascular surgery 2 days after PCI and died suddenly 10 days after PCI.

  • Only post-hospitalization and/or clinical myocardial infarction as cardiac enzymes were not drawn serially after revascularization