Table 5

Hazard Ratios for Aborted Cardiac Arrest or LQTS-Related Death Age 18 to 40 Years in 570 Patients Without Cardiac Events Before Age 18 Years

FactorHazard Ratio95% CIp Value
 Female (vs. male)3.340.98–11.430.05
QTc category
 500–549 ms (vs. ≤499 ms)3.271.18–9.02<0.05
 ≥550 ms (vs. ≤499 ms)6.522.33–18.28<0.01
Time-dependent interim syncope age 18–40 yrs
 Interim syncope (vs. no interim syncope)9.763.86–24.65<0.01
Time-dependent beta-blocker therapy
 Beta-blockers (vs. no beta-blockers)0.220.05–1.010.05

Abbreviations as in Tables 2 and 4.