Table 6

Noteworthy SPECT Prognosis Studies Within Past Year

AuthorPatientsnMajor Finding
Metz et al. (72)Normal exercise SPECT; normal exercise echocardiographyMeta-analysis (21 studies)MI/death <1%/yr with either study
Hage et al. (73)ST-segment depression with adenosine, normal SPECT images65No MI/death at 24 months Contrast with previous studies
Kang et al. (74)Known or suspected CAD; dual-isotope stress SPECT14,739MI/death <1%/yr with normal scan in pts with known CAD, those with elevated BMI had lowerrisk of death
Shaw et al. (75)Metabolic syndrome; tetrofosmin stress SPECT7,849Number of risk factors for metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, each associated with SSS and 2 yrs event-free survival
Lima et al. (76)Known or suspected CAD; exercise sestamibi1,296Abnormal HRR associated with LVEF, SSS, SRS, but not with SDS
Mahmarian et al. (77)Stable post-MI; gated adenosine SPECT728Identification of low, intermediate-, and high-risk groups (see text)

CAD = coronary artery disease; HRR = heart rate recovery; LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; MI = myocardial infarction; SDS = summed difference score; SPECT = single-photon emission computed tomography; SRS = summed rest score; SSS = summed stress score.