Table 4

Clinical Studies of Endothelial Progenitor Cell Therapy

StudyDisordernControl GroupUsed CellsNumber of CellsMethod of DeliveryResults
Stamm et al. (91)CABG after 10 days to 3 months after MI6NoBM 133+1.5 × 106Injection in infarct border during CABG↑EF, myocardial perfusion
Strauer et al. (92)Acute MI10YesBM MNC9–28 × 106Intracoronary infusion↓Infarct area, ESV; ↑myocardial perfusion, SV
Assmus et al. (TOPCARE-AMI trial) (94)Acute MI40YesBM MNCIncluded 7.35 × 106CD34+/CD45+Intracoronary infusion↑EF, local contractility, myocardial viability, coronary flow reserve; ↓ESV
Wollert et al. (BOOST trial) (96)Acute MI30YesBM MNCNDIntracoronary infusion↑EF after 6 months but not after 18 months, with accelerated LV function recovery
Fernandez-Aviles et al. (97)Acute MI20YesBM MNC50–125 × 106Intracoronary infusion↑EF, local contractility, myocardial wall thickness and thickening; ↓ESV
Hamano et al. (90)CABG5NoBM MNC5–10 × 106per pointInjection in myocardium CABG↑Myocardial perfusion in 3 of 5 patients
Tse et al. (99)Refractory stable CAD8NoBM MNCNDNOGAmapping-guided intramyocardial injection↑Target wall thickening and motion, myocardial perfusion
Perin et al. (100)Severe ischemic heart failure21YesBM MNC25 × 106NOGAmapping-guided intramyocardial injection↑Myocardial perfusion, EF, physical tolerance ↓Heart failure and anginal symptoms, ESV
Tateishi-Yuyama et al. (TACT study) (101)Severe leg ischemia25 ischemic legsYesBM, PB MNCNDInjection into the gastrocnemius muscle↑ABI, physical tolerance, number of collateral vessels, tissue perfusion; ↓rest pain
Janssens et al. (98)Acute MI67YesBM MNC172 × 104Intracoronary infusion↓Infarct size, no change of EF

ABI = ankle-brachial Index; BM = bone marrow; CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting; EF = ejection fraction; ESV = end-systolic volume; LV = left ventricular; MI = myocardial infarction; MNC = mononuclear cells; PB = peripheral blood; SV = stroke volume; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Biosense-Webster, Johnson & Johnson Inc., Diamond Bar, California.