Table 2

Cardiovascular Disorders and Endothelial Progenitor Cells

StudyPatientsEffects on EPC NumberEffect on Function
Heeschen et al. (47)Stable CAD↓CFU↓Migration, in vivo vasculogenic capacity
George et al. (49)Unstable angina↑CFUNE adhesion
Massa et al. (48)Myocardial infarction stable CAD↑CD34+/KDR+cells NEND
Shintani et al. (51)Myocardial infarction↑Circulating CD34+cells, ↑CFUND
Valgimigli et al. (57)Heart failureCFU and CD34+/CD133+/KDR+cells, ↑in NYHA functional class I, ↓in NYHA functional class III–IVND
Foresta et al. (58)Erectile dysfunction↓Circulating EPCsND
George et al. (59)Diffuse in-stent restenosis↓CFUND
Simper et al. (60)Transplant arteriopathy↓CFUND
Taguchi et al. (61)Cerebrovascular atherosclerosisCD34+/CD133+cells, ↓in cerebral infarction, no correlation with the degree of atherosclerosisND
Ghani et al. (62)Stroke↓CFUND

NYHA = New York Heart Association; other abbreviations as in Table 1.