Table 1

Baseline Characteristics of Patients With Paroxysmal and Persistent AF

Paroxysmal AF (n = 293)Persistent AF (n = 53)p Value
Gender, male/female173/12041/12NS
Age, yrs59 (51–65)59 (52–66)NS
Duration of AF, yrs6.5 (5.3–7.5)7.7 (5.6–8.7)NS
Number of unsuccessful antiarrhythmic drug therapies
 n ≥310021NS
 n <319332NS
Left atrial diameter
 Short axis, mm40 (37–42)42 (40–44)<0.001
 Long axis, mm52 (48–56)57 (52–59)<0.001
Left ventricular ejection fraction, %60 (60–60)60 (55–60)NS
Other mild heart disease42160.01

Numbers are counts and the continuous data were described in median, lowest (interquartile range 25), and highest (interquartile range 175) quartiles. AF = atrial fibrillation.