Table 3

Estimated Cumulative Rates of Subsequent Revascularization Proceduresat 10 Years by Assigned Treatment and by Treated Diabetes Status

All PatientsPatients Without Treated DiabetesPatients With Treated Diabetes
PTCA (n = 915)CABG (n = 914)PTCA (n = 742)CABG (n = 734)PTCA (n = 173)CABG (n = 180)
No subsequent revascularization33.279.735.679.320.381.7
No subsequent revascularization or at most 1 subsequent PTCA43.489.846.790.025.888.8
Two or more subsequent PTCAs27.26.824.36.645.47.9
Subsequent CABG41.23.738.33.657.74.1

Abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • The percent of patients with subsequent procedures, subsequent CABG, or subsequent PTCA are based on Kaplan-Meier estimates at 10 years.

  • At most 1 subsequent PTCA procedure (i.e., no second subsequent PTCA procedure and no subsequent CABG).