Table 1

BARI Randomized Trial Baseline Characteristics by Assigned Treatment and by Treated Diabetes Status

Baseline CharacteristicsAll PatientsPatients Without Treated DiabetesPatients With Treated Diabetes
PTCA, % (n = 915)CABG, % (n = 914)p ValuePTCA, % (n = 742)CABG, % (n = 734)p ValuePTCA, % (n = 173)CABG, % (n = 180)p Value
Demographic variables
 Age >65 yrs39390.9538370.7541440.45
  Other race4323106
 History of smoking72690.4874700.2262670.34
 Body mass index >30 kg/m228300.2524260.5543490.25
Clinical history and status
 History of myocardial infarction54550.6254540.9554600.22
 History of congestive heart failure990.83660.8120190.85
 History of hypertension49490.9445450.7865660.79
 History of peripheral vascular disease17160.6916150.5423240.86
 History of renal dysfunction320.28210.15660.92
 Treated diabetes19200.67001001000.78
 Insulin use990.560045470.69
  Stable class 1 or 2151515151313
  Stable class 3 or 4181517152116
 Angina duration >1 yr44430.7144440.9847420.36
ECG characteristics
 Any major ECG abnormality43420.7442410.7849470.802
 Q waves18170.6417170.8621180.47
 ST-segment elevation540.41540.47430.72
 ST-segment depression660.91560.78870.76
Angiographic profile
 Triple-vessel disease41410.9941400.6744480.44
 Significant proximal LAD lesions36370.4536360.9334420.13
 Class C lesions38410.2638410.2640410.78
 Normal LV function78800.3680820.2969690.92

CABG = coronary artery bypass graft; ECG = electrocardiogram; LAD = left anterior descending coronary artery; LV = left ventricular; PTCA = percutaneous transluminal coronary balloon angioplasty.