Table 2

Pre-Natal Classification of Cases and Prediction of Post-Natal Surgical Pathway Versus Actual Route and Current Status

Case #RV PartitePVFetal CounselingmedTV z-Score <26 WeeksRAPAnte-Natal CFPrediction Combined ScoresNeonatal RV z-ScorePost-Natal Surgical RouteStatusComments
11memUV−8.70NUV−4.7UVAliveModerate VSD
31muscUV−5.01YUV−5.8UVNNDRCA occluded (large CF)
52memBV−4.62YUV−3.1UVAliveShunted, large CF, 1.5 ventricle
62CPSUV−4.55NBV−6.5UVAliveNot committed, possible BV
72memUV−4.40YUV−0.7UVAliveCF closed (last catheter), BV possible
82memBV−4.20NUV−4.2UVAliveModerate VSD
102memBV−4.05NBV−5.6BVNNDAfter open valvotomy and BT shunt
123memBV−3.45NBV−2.0BVDead18/12 (pulmonary vein stenosis)
132memBV−3.16NBV−4.4BVAliveMCDA twin, no TTTS
152CPSBV−2.23NBV−3.1BVNNDNecrotizing enterocolitis
162memBV−2.14NBV−4.2BVNNDMCDA twin, no TTTS, NND during RFA perforation
173memBV−1.73NBV−2.8BVAliveRFA and BT shunt, PV replaced, UV at 5 yrs (RV failure)
181memUV−1.75YBV−3.6UVAliveSmall CF, BV at 2 yrs
193memBV−1.25NBV−5.4BVNNDPre-term delivery (after fetal valvuloplasty), cerebral bleed
211muscUVatretic0YUV−4.0UVNNDStenosis of both coronary ostia

BT = Blalock Taussig shunt; BV = biventricular; CF = coronary fistula; CPS = critical pulmonary stenosis; MCDA = monochorionic diamniotic; medTV z-score <26 wks = median tricuspid valve z-score before 26 weeks’ gestation; mem = membranous; musc = muscular; N = no; NND = neonatal death; PV = pulmonary valve; RAP = right atrial pressure; RCA = right coronary artery; RFA = radiofrequency ablation; RV = right ventricle; TTTS = twin–twin transfusion syndrome; TV = tricuspid valve; UV =univentricular; VSD = ventricular septal defect; Y = yes.

  • First examined after 26 weeks’ gestation, and the initial TV z-scores are included for completeness.