Table 3

HRQoL Adjusted for Demographic and Risk Factors by ABI Group

CharacteristicABI Groupp Value
Normal (n = 4,420)High (n = 296)
SF-36 scores
 Body pain60.058.50.42
 General health59.156.00.04
 Mental health71.870.80.40
 Physical functioning59.055.40.05
 Role, emotional65.463.90.59
 Role, physical52.545.30.01
 Social functioning75.774.40.44
 Mental composite score49.949.9>0.99
 Physical composite score39.937.80.01
WIQ scores
 Calf pain68.266.90.55
 Chest pain85.787.90.15
 Heart palpitations84.285.70.36
 Joint pain59.657.10.27
 Other problems81.378.60.19
 Stair climbing58.255.40.19
 Walking distance65.660.10.04
 Walking speed52.648.30.03

Means are adjusted for age, gender, race, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, BMI, and history of other CVD.

HRQoL = health-related quality of life; SF-36 = Medical Outcomes Study Standard Form–36; WIQ = Walking Impairment Questionnaire; other abbreviations as in Table 1.